Dublin- day 2!

Here we are on our first full day in Dublin! After a lovely full Irish breakfast at our hotel, we headed out for our day! We are staying far out of the city center, and we have figured out the public transportation fairly well. The light rail is amazing and quick!
Today was a tour of Hill of Tara and Newgrange led by Mary Gibbons tour company and our tour guide was Michael Gibbons. He was amazing and had an unbelievable amount if knowledge that he shared with us about the history and archeology of Ireland!!! Hill of Tara was beautiful, windy and wet- just as it should be ! The site is really interesting and steeped in history.
Then we loaded back into the bus and headed off to Newgrange, a 5,200 year old passage tomb. We were able to go insides the tomb with 22 other people we just barely all fit inside. The guide turned out the lights and simulated the winter solstice event, for which 24 lucky people are chosen every year in a lottery to attend the real thing. It was a very tight narrow fit to enter and was just magical on the inside. The highlight was seeing the tri-spiral Neolithic art inside the tomb. I told the guide that I am a goldsmith and the tri-spiral is something I have recreated in jewelry. She said “go on then, you can touch it if you like”. I may never wash my hands again, I will admit it brought me to tears. We weren’t allowed to take photos inside the tomb but I have attached a photo of the postcard.
Before the visit to Newgrange we stopped off at the Newgrange farm for a lovely lunch. There were many farm animals to admire, and our favorite was the very pregnant cat.
Once we returned to Dublin we wandered around a but in some very odd shopping centers, saw (but did not go to) 2 Starbucks, and came back to the hotel to rest. it was a very long day but too cool for words!








2 thoughts on “Dublin- day 2!

  1. Oh, my…to actually touch the spirals! that is too cool for words. I’m amazed she let you touch it, they are usually so picky about these things.

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