Dublin day 3

What a day! We started the day with the hoho tour (that’s the hop on hop off bus). It’s a nice way to get around quickly, and kids are free! We stopped in to Trinity college to see the book if Kelly’s but the line was about 3 hours long. Our plan is to hit it today first thing.. Still Trinity college is beautiful!
Our next stop was the national museum of Ireland archeology. We got to see some amazing Neolithic artifacts from the passage tombs we visited the day before. It was great to see them and having visited the tomb put it all into context. They also had the 4 “bog bodies” which were very gruesome and interesting. The highlight though was the treasury, with Neolithic to Viking age gold!!!! Gold bracelets from 2000 BC!!!! Truly inspiring! Joey loved all the swords and axes and rapiers from the early Bronze Age.
We then stopped at the Dublin castle which was a nice surprise because in the courtyard was a sand sculpture instillation. More photos are on the good camera but it was really cool artwork!
The next stop was Saint Patrick’s cathedral, with the most amazing floor and stained glass. Along the tour on the hoho bus we also got to learn about the Guinness family and how much they had done for Dublin with public works. They paid for the restoration of St. Patrick’s cathedral and even installed a new stained glass window with a reference to drink. It was neat to learn more of the history. So of course we had to go to the Guinness factory and see for ourselves the brewery! It was extremely crowded and the view from the Gravity bar up up top was worth it. We got our free pint of Guinness an a soda for Joey (he did try a sip of the real stuffhowever) and enjoyed the 360 degree view of Dublin. It was worth it just for the view.
Next stop was a haircut for Joey in Temple bar, the famed “cultural” district of Dublin. It was lively and fun as we crossed the ha’penny bridge and walked around and we found a nice pub called Flannigans where we had a great meal and listened to live music. It was on the bucket list and we are happy to say it was great! The graffiti photo is from the bathroom stall- I swear on my life I didn’t write it but of course I had to take a photo. The second graffiti was at the Luas station near our hotel. Joey and I are thinking “bad wolf”. Dr Who fans will get that…
Anyways, after Temple bar we loaded onto a storytelling bus painted like a house and set off to learn about pookahs, faeries, and leprechauns. They took us to Saint Anne’s park and to the sand dunes in the sea while telling us stories in a converted bus that looked like a little living room. It was a great time! Then back to the hotel and we wrote in our journals recounting the day and the adventures. Dublin is a great place!











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