Rosslare to Fishguard to London

Today is the day we leave Ireland, and we are sad about it. Ireland has been fantastic and we will miss it very much! We had to take a 75 minute taxi ride to Rosslare near Wexford to get our Stena ferry boat ride. The busses don’t run early enough so we had to catch a cab, but even the ride was great as our cab driver was fun to talk to and we learned that Waterford is home to 2 major companies that produce liver and kidney medication and also Bausch and Lomb has a factory there. Not just crystal!
The ferry ride was nice, it reminded me of the old Princess Marguerite that would go up to Victoria. And good thing we caught the taxi because the departure time was listed at 9am and we left at 8:45!!! There were two movies playing, wreck it Ralph and Madagascar 3. I slept like a rock.
Then it was onto the train to London, for another 4 hours. We rolled into London at 6:30 pm and dropped our stuff of at the hotel and tried to go to Harrods. Due to bad directions, we ended up getting pizza instead. It was good pizza though. Our hotel was tiny, it reminded me of trying in NYC in Times Square, you couldn’t have the bathroom door open while the front door was open. It was like a closet really. Even the hot water pot for tea had no outlet to plug into unless you set the pot on the bed. Not a top recommended hotel but there you go…
Sleep sleep sleep was good!
Oh- and the best part was that the only remaining police box in London (we found this out later) was a block from our hotel room just outside of the London. Underground. And someone had written in the dust “bad wolf”. Joey was beside himself!




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