Waterford day 1

Day 1 in Waterford:

We woke up and had a lovely breakfast at the hotel. The Granville hotel is lovely, spacious and far out of our normal league I am afraid! After breakfast we headed over to the Waterford crystal factory. We sort of moved heaven and earth, along with adding expense to the journey to be able to come to the crystal factory. Part of this journey is retracing some steps that my grandparents took maybe 20 years ago. Of course the vast majority of the factory has been moved to cheaper countries but they do still have a nice cutting center there where they make the bigger pieces like trophies. The tour was great and we did get to see every stage of the process. It was definitely worth the trip. The highlight was picking out a small vase (less expensive there than at home!) and paying only €5 to have it engraved. Not by some machine but by a master engraver who did a very wonderful job!
Next we wandered over to Reginald’s tower. The history in Waterford runs deep as it is the oldest city in Ireland. The tower was built in 1100 AD and claimed to be Ireland’s first mortared stone tower. It saw battle and we got to see the cannonball still wedged firmly in its side.
Our next item was to find a frisbee which, as it turns out, was an impossible task. Aside from the crystal factory Waterford appears to be nothing but shops. They have 2 shopping malls in their downtown core, about the size of Poulsbo. Along with the shopping malls there are countless stores, even American brands. But nary a frisbee to be found. It was a fun treasure hunt nonetheless. Lunch was a treat and we took some time to write some postcards. Then it was off to wander some more. We saw original Viking and Miedeval walls. We wandered through the non touristy areas and finally decided it was time to head back to pack for the early morning cab ride to Rosslare. All in all Waterford was lovely and I wished we could have spent more time there.











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