Our first official day in London was a whirlwhind of activity. We got up bright and early, had a lackluster breakfast at our hotel and set out in the tube for the London eye. Not my favorite thing as I am afraid of heights but it was on Joeys list so we did it! We had tickets already so the line wasn’t too bad, maybe 20 minutes. It really was impressive and I even stood up for a while at the tippy top!
Then we were off to a quick look at Big Ben and then to a nice concert at Westminster Abbey… Part of their “brass in the grass” series where the Envicta concert band played. It was very nice and we had a little picnic. Them we went in the Abbey and were blown away by all the art inside. it really was amazing! The picture I the painting is from a wall of paintings from the 16th century, mostly worn away over time but still beautiful. The paintings encircled a round room and were the scenes from the apocalypse.

Next stop was the Tower of London, where we viewed the Crown Jewels. It was absolutely amazing, and I spent about 45 minutes in the room riding the moving walkway over and over again to get more glimpses. So cool!!! We had a great tour from a very funny Yoeman. If you ever go to The Tower of London you have to do the tour, it is gruesome and hilarious all at the same time!
Next we walked down to the millennium bridge- featured in a scene from Harry potter. It was cool even though it was a long walk.
Then we set off for Buckingham palace, which was closed but it was still cool to see in person. The plaza itself is huge and very impressive!
Next we were off to Harrods, riding in the tube. By this point we were feeling like we really had the tube down! Harrods was huge and overwhelming. They had just about everything including £1200.00 kittens and crazy cool jewelry and toys galore but no frisbee. Go figure! It was incredibly crowded and really interesting people watching. Joey got a Dr. Who toy and we got out of there!
Back to the hotel to rest because our exciting BBC day was up next!….












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