Paris day 1!

Well after the day before, suffice it to say that this day was a bit of a slower day. We were up at the crack of dawn to catch the Eurostar to Paris. Because of security similar to airport security we had to get there very early. We got through the screening, and found the platform in plenty of time to sit and have some quick breakfast. The highlight? Sitting next to a guy in a purple crushed velvet Jimi Hendrix getup complete with wig and plastic inflatable guitar. Something tells us that these guys maybe didn’t spend their night at a hotel…. They were telling some very funny stories of their previous nights and most of it was funny and suitable for Joeys ears. We had some nice laughs with them!
Honestly I wish I could remember the Chunnel and all but I was asleep the second my ass sat down and I woke up when we hit Paris. I do remember my ears popping every time we went through any tunnels though, not just the big one. We were going very fast!

We got off the train early and got to our hotel before noon, and luckily they were able to give us a room. We rested until about 4 and were ready to hit Paris! We has our tickets to the Louvre already and they are open until 9:45 on Fridays so we had enough time to make a dent. Honestly I had no idea how huge that place is. Seriously huge! As Joey put it, this place is bigger than the whole town of Waterford!
It was amazing and if course we headed in a meandering way to the Mona Lisa. I mean who wouldn’t right? Behind many people and thick sheets of protective glass, sure enough there she was. But the other DaVincis were jut right there and being walked right by! Madonna of the rocks! Oh oh oh. Joey and I would walk into every room with our mouths hung open saying “what????” Next we headed down into the cooler parts of the museum, and I think we saw more Egyptian artifacts than on all of Egypt! It was amazing and the jewelry was inspiring! Truth be told we actually got a bit tired of Egyptian art and that is really saying something. I think your brain can only process so much amazing things before it becomes a blur of “wow”.
Next was back upstairs for Greek art. One of my Thesis papers in college was on Greek pot paintings and the Louvre had like 10 rooms of pots! They even had an Exekias- the focus of said paper. (Pictured). I was in heaven!
As we were wandering through we noticed the sunset out of the windows. It was absolutely incredible and worth leaving the museum for. We took a bunch of photos and headed back on the Metro to our hotel, stopping for a pizza dinner
Our hotel by the way was in Bercy (rhymes with merci) in the 12th. It was a great place to stay with a great little shopping village area with nice little pastry shops and restaurants and other store. Closed to cars it was a great place to relax and people watch but in a nice quiet neighborhood and non touristy.














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