Paris day 2

Paris day 2!
We meet the very hot day with a lukewarm amount of enthusiasm I’m afraid. We missed breakfast due to sleeping in, and then set out for our scheduled speedboat ride on the Seine. It was a blast and anyone who is going should consider it! or something like that. Anyways it was confusing as to where to go, and by 11:30 am it was already uncomfortably hot. Parlez vous anglais got really old really fast in the heat. We had an email in French to go by as to where to go, and when we got there there was nothing but it turns out our guide had the wrong time. All good, we found him and had time for lunch along the river. Now I don’t want to trash talk Paris or anything and the river was actually surprisingly clean and nice compared to the canals of Amsterdam and the muddy Thames. But the banks along the river, like a concrete slough, smelled awful. Like all of Paris had used the sidewalks as a urinal. Come to think of it, if I would have one complaint on the whole of our trip- it was the smells. The grocery stores smell of rotted produce. It is sometimes overwhelming.
So eating pizza there down by the boats was a mixed bag. But on the upside there was a whole rockabilly street market scene complete with music and booths with American rockabilly memorabelia. Who knew our stuff would command so much euro? (Note to self, collect rockabilly stuff and live off the proceeds in Paris. Buy nose plugs)
Anyways, our speed boat ride for 20 minutes was great. It wasn’t sightseeing because Paris has strict spew laws on the river but outside of city limits we could go as fast as we wanted. And we went fast! Probably the fastest I have ever been on a boat! Joey and Ioved it! Closer in we were able to get photos as the boat puttered along back to the docks. Our guide was an awesome SoCal type of dude but French. So laid back and fun! I think he enjoyed seeing how fast we wanted to go!

Next up was some shopping. We heard of a mustard shop calls Maille that has 3 kinds of mustard on tap! That was worth checking out and it did not disappoint!

We stumbled upon a lovely church called Madeleine, built like a Greek temple. It was amazing and the giant statue near the altar was unbelievable. I wished we had more information about it while we were there but it was nice to cool off for a bit. We wandered around some more and decided to head back to Bercy village for some early dinner.

We had laundry to do and we found a great little laundromat close to the hotel. The photo shows the instructions, of course in French. It took a bit of brain muscles but we figured it our and for some clean clothes! It’s the simple things really and we left with a nice feeling of accomplishment!
Them it was off to the light show at the Notre Dame cathedral where the website was a bit misleading. We sat on bleachers along with a hundred or so or other people waiting for it to begin. It turns out it was actually a movie shown in the cathedral but the outside entertainment was far better. Amazing street dancers put on quite a show and we enjoyed watching them. Hopefully we will be able to post videos soon.
We had crepes for a late snack under the watchful eyes of some amazing gargoyles and then toddled off to bed.












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