Paris day 3. Great heights achieved

Day 3 in Paris, or how Mary temporarily overcame her fear of heights. Temporarily.

Paris was hot and we decided to sleep in this day. Lay around and lounge until noon. We searched out a picnic lunch at a local grocery store and headed out to complete our Paris bucket list: Have a picnic in a park, go to the Eiffel Tower and have a nice French dinner outside and people watch.

As Joey puts it, we had the most perfect picnic under the shadow of the Eiffel Tower. It was lovely if not a bit smelly again.
Then, as promised we headed over to the tower. We were not able to buy tickets online as they were sold out the 3 weeks before we left on the trip. We had to suck it up and get in line.
Now here’s where we learn about my fear of heights. Some people have it (me) and some don’t (Joey). Whilst waiting in line I’m starting to feel sick just looking up at the dang thing. The 1 hour wait did not help at all and the hordes of people in the heat made it worse. I’m trying like heck to negotiate with Joey to just do the second floor, or maybe just seeing the tower was enough. He’s not buying it. It was big on his list and I told him we would go, and a promise is a promise so I stuck it out. After 1 hour we went up to the second floor. Then we had to wait 1 more hour to go to the top. At this point we have to wait near the edge of a terrace that wraps around the tower for the que. This is not a drop all the way down but it is at the edge, it is very windy, and frankly scary as hell. Again the anticipation is killing me. I’m thinking I’m more scared at this point than I was going in for my cancer surgeries. Why some people have the scared if heights gene is beyond me but I am fascinated by it. Some people are running around up there and my knuckles are white on the railing. At this point I am seriously considering sending Joey up alone but my mama instincts wouldn’t let me
But we got in the tiny cramped elevator and I closed my eyes right and we went up up up. There are two levels at the top. One when you get off the elevator is a glassed in room. Then you can climb some steps and get to the outside circle. I popped up to the outside for the photo and quickly came back down. It was very very windy and the part I didn’t expect is that it moves up there in the wind! The tower moves! I couldn’t get down that elevator fast enough!

Safely at the bottom I was again a happy mama and we were off to celebrate with a nice Parisian dinner back in Bercy. About 15 minutes after we sat down it started to rain and it was actually quite lovely. We headed back to the hotel and packed up for our early flight to Venice the next morning.

Although we didn’t do all the Paris things, and I know we missed a lot, we did enjoy our time there. It was the middle point of our trip and I think we took the opportunity to take it easy. While we figured out what we needed to with transportation and shopping and laundry etc… It takes a toll to do that in a foreign language. That said, everyone we met was amazingly nice, friendly and helpful. We did not encounter the rude Paris at all. The smelly dirty Paris, yes. But the rude Paris? Non!








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