After a looooong day/ night of car/ ferry/ light rail/ flying/ bus and tram- we have arrived! Dublin better etch out tomorrow because we are going to rip it up!!!



The Making of the Hobbit house, with a lot of help from our friends!

The Making of the Hobbit house, with a lot of help from our friends!… (click on this link to see the whole photo album!)

A boy and his Hobbit hole!

A boy and his Hobbit hole!

Joey asks for a lot of things on a daily basis.  Most of them are either too expensive, too time consuming, too dangerous, or flat out impossible… “mom, can I borrow you car for a few days, I just want to solder some things onto it.  I promise you will still be able to drive it when I’m done”.   “Mom, can I build a laboratory in our garage with titanium floors, walls, and ceilings”.  You get the drift.

When Joey asked for a playhouse/ treehouse/ fort, we were stumped.  Not the right kind of trees for a treehouse, and what kind of fort should it be?  Then he became obsessed with the Lord of the Rings.  When he asked if we could build a Hobbit hole in  our backyard, we found that we could actually say “yes”.  When you can say yes, you should.  Of course how does one build a Hobbit hole?  Bring on Google and the wonderful World Wide Web!  After viewing some awesome pages, and seeing some amazing Hobbit style homes, we settled on a simple hillside slope and began construction.

Luckily my dad has the skills for building, and through some generous donations from our contractor friend Brian Schneider and some supplies we already had from building our houses, we had what we needed to start.  My dad’s only requirement?  He was not digging the hole.

This is where 5th grade kids come in, Joey’s friends who are awesome!  They dug, and dug, and dug some more!  And when it was time to fill back in the hole with gravel and dirt?  They came with gloves, shovels, and wheelbarrows and got it done!  Those kids are great, and all we had to do is feed them and keep them in lemonade!

Of course the devil is in the details, and the final stages took the longest.  Putting in the flooring, landscaping, putting on the roof, and all the painting etc….  And the most difficult task?  Dealing with all the rocks!  We live on some amazing glacial till soil, with more rocks than you can throw a rock… well you get the point.  So what did we do?  Made a rock wall complete with built in stone seats!  All with the lovely rocks from the ground we dug up!

Once the dust settled, the painting was done and the bricks were laid, it was time to have a celebratory party to thank all those who helped!   We made a giant slip and slide, had badminton rallies, and made shrinkey dink rings so everyone could have their own “one ring”.  We toasted with a special batch of Ginger Beer, and thoroughly enjoyed the day!

Happy Hobbit hole to you Joey, and we are so glad that we could say YES to you on one of your crazy ideas!

The boy and his Hobbit hole

this is the finished project, although there is still a few more things to be done. Plants to plant, and some fascia on the top. Essentially though it is done, and we had our first sleepover in it already!